Meet Racer Lad! For those of you wondering–yes he is a parody of Speed Racer.

Also, if you’re still reading, it’s time for me to announce the Bunny Wiggins Store! If you have some extra cash (and who doesn’t these days?) why not indulge in a Bunny Wiggins mug or a Mallory poster? It’s a rhetorical question… I’m not looking for an actual answer. Besides the answer may be personal, and this is indeed the internet… and there are always people watching around every corner. Be very careful everyone. I’m just looking out for you…

Constant Vigilance!

Note: On this and successive pages, you may notice references to “Racer Boy”  or “RB” in the comments section. It has come to my attention, weeks after the completion of the story, that there may be a conflict with another character named “Racer Boy”.  When I did my initial search on the character name about a year ago, I found no reference to this name on the internet. Apparently, someone who had drawn a completely different “Racer Boy” several years ago (that I was completely unaware of) has recently decided to revive the character. To avoid any possible conflicts, and to save myself some potential grief, I have renamed him Racer Lad. Thanks for reading!