Bunny Wiggins is an unsavory character who joined the evil cabal named the Directorate… an international organization bent on world domination… furthering it’s own ends through whatever means possible. Opposing the Directorate are the agents of W.I.L.C.O. ( Department W of International Law and Covert Operations). Wiggins has plotted his rise from a position as a lowly newcomer. A wolf in Bunny’s clothes…

This sexy secret agent/supervillain comedy is inspired by pin-up art, comics like Scott Campbell’s Danger Girl, Adam Warren’s Empowered, and Wallace Woods’s Sally Forth Bunny Wiggins is a direct spin-off of Muddlecreek, the webcomic that ran from 2006 – 2011.

Note to Readers/Warning: This comic and the pin-ups contain nudity and are intended for mature audiences. The earlier stories are remnants of a period where Bunny Wiggins was a PG comic. It officially became Rated R during Yesterday Dies Tomorrow.

The creator of Bunny Wiggins, Jeromatic has been a Graphic Artist since 1990, and has been doing webcomics since 2006.

I also am available for illustration work. If you would like to contact me, email me