Hey there!

Glad you are here. Welcome.

After about 10+ years of presenting BW on this site, however, I’ve decided to call it a day for presenting it here. Thanks to those of you who have voted for the vote incentives, bought books, and in general, those who have let me know that you were out there… especially those who have left non-dickish comments. I would also like to thank my fellow creators who posted my link on their sites.
Many thanks to all of you for stopping by week after week!

But is this really the end?

For those who are willing…

I would like to resume Bunny Wiggins on my Patreon but I would need your help.

If I can get a minimum of $20/month in pledges, that will tell me there is enough interest to continue BW’s adventures. If not, BW rides into the sunset, his dreams…unfulfilled… *snif*. Excuse me… there’s something in my eye…

For those of you who sign up before we reach our minimum, there is already plenty of exclusive goodies on my Patreon to enjoy – like my NSFW comic Planet Squad – and other comics and pin-ups. It would cost you less than what you might spend at that vending machine… and it would be of better quality too. At least OUR cheese is still good.

Interested? Good!
Let’s get this thing rolling!

    Edit: – Update 1/09/22

Support-wise, we’re halfway to making more Bunny Wiggins guys!! Let’s make this happen!