And so ends Titmouse… but there will be many mighty mountains for our protaganists to climb in the upcoming story “Yesterday Dies Tomorrow” where Clare Ekko hatches a foolhardy plan to get to our eponymous bunny back… and to settle the score with the Countess!

I know what you’re thinking… “Jerry… do you do some sort of wonderful podcast that everyone should listen to”? and I’d  answer “Why, yes! How astute”! Now in the iTunes store, you can download the Creative Impulse Podcast that I do with my friends Lane and Dave. We explore the many outlets of creativity with musicians, writers and other creatives (and I may even mention Bunny Wiggins)!

Also, I’m excited to announce the first two Bunny Wiggins Books! the first Bunny Wiggins story Rise Rabbit, Rise  is complete with several bonus pages of behind the scenes sketches. The second book is Die Now, Die Later... with bonus story content, and previously unseen uncensored pages, and behind the scenes sketches. Get your copies today… you’ll be glad you did!

Shifting gears again, updates in the next couple of weeks will be in the form of posters and a “cover” for the next story. Generally, this is a period where I charge the batteries a bit. I hope you stick with Bunny Wiggins… there’s lots of good stuff to come!