A little more exposition on Mallory!

Wow… we’ve been spanning the globe with this story the last few weeks. How does this all tie in with a neat little bow? If you want answers keep tuning in! Then ask your doctor if Bunny Wiggins is right for you. If he says “no” then ask another doctor. If that doctor also says “no”, then give that doctor a pass, and take my word for it. Bunny Wiggins is the right thing to do! Like oatmeal, except minus the cholesterol lowering properties. Come to think of it, it’s nothing like oatmeal – But it has the sweetness of Captain Crunch, and some nifty cheesecake qualities! De-licious.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers! Check out this classic Muddlecreek from turkey day 2009… it’s the first evil deed BW does on behalf on the Directorate… back when he was  a freelancer!