More phantoms from BW’s past! Now here’s a helpful guide to who you are seeing in the strip this week:

Panel 1: S-13… a scientist that the Countess put to death.
Panel 2: BW’s former supervisor, Herbert Donovan who was put in a coma by Calico... way back in the story Rise Rabbit Rise.
Panel 3: Van Schleiser – This is what happened to him… sort of a bloody mess.
Panel 4: BW’s wife from an arranged marriage, Mio Kurakowa – whom we had last seen at the end of Die Now, Die Later!
Panel 5: Racer Lad – See the Van Schleiser link!
Panel 6: BW’s oldest son
Panels 8&9: Chet from the story Interlewd.
Not Seen: The cast of “Cop Rock”.