I don’t know about you, but I HATE when this happens on my lunchbreak. Especially since I’m a househusband! It’s unlikely I’ll get into a similar dispute with the cats, at any rate, since we don’t have any vending machines to fight over. But at some point, they may overpower me.

I also wanted to mention that I went to the Philly Comic Con last weekend, as a customer. While I was there, I picked up a graphic novel, some cheap silver age Kirby Fantastic Four issues, and I got to meet the super nice webcomickers Dawn Griffin of  the awesome Zorphbert and Fred and Webcomic Alliance fame, and Vince LoGreco of the hilarious Oh No Comics. I had a blast talking to them. I even did a quick sketch of Muddlecreek’s Oslo, which I clumsily smeared (sorry, Vince)! It’s nice to know there are other webcomickers in my general geographical region besides Brad Guigar, who lives in the mountain fortress called Halfpixel. Nothing against Brad, of course… I hear he’s a nice guy.