In Bunny Wiggins’ book, this could be considered a really good day. A momentous meeting of Bunny Wiggins and the Countess Titania Cleave! Could they be kindred spirits? Maybe. Will there be fallout? Of course! It wouldn’t be any fun if there wasn’t.

This page has the distinction of being the only page I’ve redrawn for Bunny Wiggins. Chronologically, this was redone just before I did page 19. Page 19 was also edited to be a little less risque’. You’ll see  what I mean in a few weeks (or pages if you’re reading this much later). I was thinking that the original page 15 could be bonus content when I do the print book of this (probably in August or September)… but I wasn’t happy with the art except for one panel which turns up in this version as the one that’s bottom center.