Well, nothing gets people to sit up and take notice quite like being buried under a mountain of non-dairy creamer. It would be a hell of a mess to clean up, and some people would be really upset if it weren’t of the low fat variety.

Looks like BW got his opportunity to unveil his ideas for world domination, but unfortunately got a less than receptive audience. They’d rather take over the world through tried and true methods like Death Rays and Earthquake machines. Some people are just old fashioned that way.

If the art on this one looks a little different, it’s because I decided to go back to inking the old fashioned way… with a brush. I actually felt more connected to the art because of it. It’s an artist thing I guess.

You may or may not have noticed that Horace and Donovan are drinking refreshing Mr. Zing Energy Drinkwhere have we seen this before?

Also – there’s a bonus full color Hey, Oslo! today at my website Hooray for Funtime. Thanks for stopping by!