It’s been awhile. This is another somewhat short story.. about six pages or so. I am hoping to follow it with a somewhat longer story in July. This is a prelude, if you will.

Where have I been? Why, I’ve been reckoning with the dumpster fire that has been 2019 & 2020. That’s the short version of it. I also took some time to flex the art muscle on my Instagram account.

It always my preference to complete a comic story and then post it a page at a time. As I’ve said before, I feel my art suffers if I am attempting to rush one of these pages out hours before posting. It’s for that reason, that I will probably go the seasonal route with BW… and that will make it more sustainable. See ya next week!

Note: I’ve unpublished the previous story Monarch Pt.1. I decided that the art and story weren’t really up to snuff, and that I wanted to take the story in a different direction. I did however, leave the Agent Monarch Pin-up. It may possibly be included as bonus material should I get to reprinting these stories in subsequent compilations. Thank you for reading!