Looks like BW is up to his usual antics! We’ll be spending a bit more time with ol’ R-3 as she leads us through orientation.

This strip, unlike Muddlecreek, has been inked digitally using my Bamboo tablet. I had hand inked the previous strip the old fashioned way. The digital inking is a lot more flexible, in that I can go back and erase any errant lines, and change any wonky brush stroke I’m unhappy with.

Also, since it’s St. Patty’s Day, a shout goes out to my 2nd Cousins the Kennys, still living in Ireland, and the Pargins in the UK ( My UK relatives are also of Irish descent)…. though I doubt any are reading this. My Mom’s grandparents came to America leaving lotsa kin back in the old countries….Long story. I’m a genealogy nerd… what can I say.

Today on my sketchblog is my initial character sketch of R-3. Also, be sure to check out the sketch of DC comic’s Zatanna I posted a couple of days ago, on the Ides of March. Do other months have Ides? Are they contagious?