It’s the return of Ambassador Martin… and we meet his “mod” son, Ascott Martin. To refresh your memory, we first met Ambassador Martin here.

Without giving too much away, Ascott Martin is a character I’ve been looking to put into a comic for years. I was drawing him in the late 90’s, but never quite figured out what to do with him until now.

An Announcement: I have decided that Bunny Wiggins is now officially “Rated R”. I do this for two reasons. The first is creative – I don’t want to be restricted by whether or not something is PG-13 compatible. In the past, I’ve censored a bit more to stay within that self imposed guideline. The second reason, is that it more accurately reflects the bent and subject matter of the strip. You can’t really do a strip about someone like BW, and have it remain PG. Since I’ve occasionally included stuff in the strip that might be considered “NSFW”, this rating should probably come as no surprise. If there should be any NSFW content in the future, I will put it in the posting title, and on the top of the comic itself.  I will also go back into the archives and do it with pages that might fit into that category.

Note, I don’t do this to alienate any readers. Just because I am rating the strip “R” doesn’t mean that there will suddenly be rampant nudity,  and constant swear words… though there may be partial nudity. It just means that I will censor less. When I asked my wife about the change of the rating she responded “well, it’s not like it’s a comic for kids anyway!” and this is true.

Anyway, thanks to those who have been following the strip, and especially to those leaving comments, as I like engaging the readers about the comic. I hope that you will continue to read Bunny Wiggins. I have enjoyed creating it for you. There’s lot’s more to come!