No blood in this one…ha!

When I did the previous two strips, there was a Walking Dead marathon on AMC where we were catching up on the series… watching the first three seasons…I guess it showed in my comics. Then again… how do you show a character like Cutlass fighting without some blood and what she’s capable of? Despite that, I’m not really into gory stuff… and you probably won’t be seeing any more of that… at least for awhile.

The first time Snapdragon fought Jolt, Snapdragon was Calico… way back in Rise, Rabbit, Rise! (now available as a book you can find at Calico shattered her arm, and made Jolt go bionic. It looks like Troll got the last laugh this week. More fight next week!

For those of you reading through, wondering why Snapdragon was all flesh colored a few weeks ago, and is now a healthy shade of light blue, it is a transformation she goes through when she goes from being Mallory (who is flesh colored) to Snapdragon!