As Stan said… “Uh Oh!!

Only a couple more pages until the conclusion of Titmouse! Originally, It was going to run twice as long, but I decided to split the story in two… because the next part of the story revolves around the plan to retrieve our beleaguered bunny.

Also, I don’t think Bugsy was really going out to get Diet Mr. Zing! Diet Mr. Zing is a call back to a Muddlecreek comic I did a few years back, and at various times I’ve had cast members of Bunny Wiggins and Muddlecreek enjoy a sip or two. Here’s where it all started:


On a different note, After four years, sadly, Daniel Barton’s comic Goober and Cindy is coming to an end. I was asked to do a guest comic to say goodbye. Goober and Cindy is about a little girl and her adopted alien brother… and a few more recent additions to the cast. I did a take on what I thought Goober and Cindy  and friends would look like 15 years after the end of the strip.



My contribution posted yesterday. Daniel has been a supporter of mine since the days of Muddlecreek, and he mentioned me on the twxxd podcast some time ago… so I was happy to contribute a comic!