Hard to believe Cyanne is into a scum like Rocco… but all will be explained!

Well that’s the Velveteen Conspiracy!  I hope you dug it. For my American readers… hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving, and didn’t get too enraged by your Uncle Mortimer and his politics. Bunny Wiggins is here to help you escape! Thanks for stopping by for some cheesecake to go with the pumpkin pie.

Next week, we shift into holiday mode with an all new Christmas story.  Last year, I posted a very NSFW BW Christmas story on my Patreon. It’s well worth checking out if you have been enjoying Bunny Wiggins. There’s a lot of other stuff to see on my Patreon too…a very risqué Lyla Vexx story is posting there this month.. even more risqué than Bunny Wiggins. Proceeds from my Patreon go towards the cost of producing and promoting my comics.