Hi folks! Sorry for the LOOOONG delay! I sincerely apologize that I kept you waiting this long.

I reached a point in February where I needed to take a break… I was feeling creatively drained. Now, after refeshing the inspiration pool, I’m ready to go back at it!

Incidently, The updates on my Patreon comic (Planet Squad) have been chugging along the whole time. This was due to nearly two years worth of Planet Squad comics I did before I started posting. Since I’ve exhausted that healthy backlog of comics, I’ve been drawing fresh, new Planet Squad stuff for patrons(You for $3 a month. You can also be one of those patrons if you so choose!). Planet Squad is a bit more *ahem* racy than Bunny Wiggins. Just sayin’…

At any rate, I think how I will handle things from this point on – I will take breaks between stories. Not crazy long breaks. My preference is to finish the art for a story before posting. I feel the art can suffer if I am trying to rush out Bunny Wiggins hours before midnight of posting day.

Another thing you may notice as July moves along… the ads will disappear from the site. the Project Wonderful service I use has decided to hang up their spurs. I’ve decided for the moment to not replace them.

Anyway… thanks for coming back, and I hope you continue to enjoy Bunny Wiggins!