Something tells me that BW trying to keep ANYTHING from Clare is a bad idea. The first panel is a bit of an insight into BW’s & Clare’s relationship. Much different relationship than he had with Titania Cleave.

Anyhoo – As I said last week… I’m going to take a much needed break from the story until (probably) September. I may be posting a variety of content between now and then on Thursdays. Why am I doing this? I’ve realized that I do my best work when I complete the whole story before posting it. Lately, on Bunny Wiggins, I’ve been cranking out the pages that week. I want to change that.

Any fellow cartoonists who have an interest in doing guest art let me know in the comments section, and I can give the specifics. As I said last week, jeromatic tales will still be updating. Right now I’m running a comic there called Lyla Vexx, and that will be followed by a Vixenauts spin-off, Savage Jungelena in August.