…and “the Calico” sleeps once more. The question is, who does Mallory (unwittingly) work for? Anyway, Horace is a bit of a loathesome bully! He didn’t rise to be #2 in an evil organization by being a nice guy. Despite that, he still needs to unwind with some General Hospital. I think he was really into the old Luke and Laura storyline… now I’ve said too much.

I originally inked Bunny Wiggins digitally to set it apart from my previous strip, Muddlecreek. Since the action of the story is already setting it apart, and since I enjoy the old fashioned brush inking, starting next week you’ll be seeing a change in the art to more traditional inks. I think the quality of the art improves quite a bit starting next week, too, in my humble opinion. I hope you’ll agree!

At the moment, I have a buffer of several weeks. I like having that kind of buffer, because I go back and change the pages several times from the point I originally post them, until the time when it’s scheduled to post. Then after they post, I leave them alone, unless there’s some egregious typo. I even redid one upcoming page completely – inks, colors, layout and all.