The Jeromatic Library

Bunny Wiggins Book 1: Rise, Rabbit, Rise!

Bunny Wiggins has just been hired by the evil Directorate... an organization bent on world domination.
Witness the beginning of Bunny Wiggins's rise to power.

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Rodeo Riley Book 1

Winifred Riley, a former rodeo prodigy runs afoul of alien technology and monster thugs! Includes a previously unpublished story

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The Complete Muddlecreek Vol. 1

Before Bunny Wiggins went off to conquer the world, there was Muddlecreek! This volume features the complete run of the gag comic Muddlecreek which ran from 2006 -2010. Includes previously unseen comics! 

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Bunny Wiggins Book 2: Die Now, Die Later

In the second volume of the Bunny Wiggins saga, Bunny Wiggins finds himself in an arranged marriage on the island of Manawaju.
Six pages of bonus uncensored material not seen online!

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The Bunny Wiggins Sketchbook 1

A sketchbook featuring all of your favorite Bunny Wiggins characters. 

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Bunny Wiggins Book 3: The Return of Bunny Wiggins

Bunny Wiggins is back... from the Dead! Includes a bonus uncensored Clare Ekko story!

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Jeromatic Pin-ups 1

See previously unpublished pin-ups of all of your favorite Bunny Wiggins characters. Ebook PDF.

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